Comet Folder with Meteorite - FK 1604

Award winner for "Best Folder" at the Southern California Knife Expo 2016

Price: $1250.00  US


DSC00721  DSC00724  DSC00626

This award winning knife has a Comet shape design featuring an Ebony handle inset with 4.3 billion year old Meteorite inset with nine 1.5 mm diamonds and one 3mm diamond.  The Bolster is made of the same Meteorite.    The blade is made of ATS - 34 stainless steel. The thumbstud is inset with a 2mm diamond.  The picture above shows the slab of metoerite from which the material for this knife was used. 
This folder measures 7 1/2" overall with a 3/12" clip point blade.

Price:   $1250.00 US           (Payment can be made via PayPal)

To purchase contact Harald Moeller

Phone:   250-248-0391