Harald Moeller - Maker of Collectible Custom Knives

00077Harald learned his machining trade in Germany. He moved to Canada in 1956 where he continued his machining for a number of years. Started making knives as a hobby in 1978, mostly hunting and daggers, bowies in the beginning. Later worked on custom orders and started folding knives of his own design in 2003. Harald won his first award in 1990 for his Fantasy Battle Axe, with many more awards to come since that year, such as International Knife Maker of the Year at the Knife Throwers Hall of Fame, Texas. His Awards continued every year to the present date 2014, for either folding knives, axes, or daggers. He attends two knife shows a year – the Pasadena Knife Show in March and the Eugene, Oregon show in April of each year.


Contact:  Phone - 250-248-0391