Fantasy Barbarian Battle Axe - AFSD402

This 41" Barbarian Battle Axe weighs 12 pounds, has a Titanium handle, claws and fittings.  D-2 chrome alloy double head.  Shaft is hand polished South American Cocobolo.

Price:  $9,500.00 US


afsd402-butt-xl   afsd402-shaft-xl

Inspired by the "Conan The Barbarian" movies.  During the planning and creation of this formidable weapon, numerous technical and design challenges presented themselves.  First and foremost, this battle axe was intended to be better than functional and completely battle ready.  The first challenge encountered was the choice of material to be used for the 10" diameter axe head.  The steel ultimately used is a 1/2" thick D-2 chrome alloy, (the type of steel used to cut steel).  Thus fitted, this battle axe could easily chop a 1/2" copper cable in two without doing any damage to the blade.  A stainless steel shaft runs all the way through the handle, screwing into the 3" Titanium pommel.  All other fittings are Titanium and the handle itself has a core with a wrapped stainless steel marine cable.  The two sets of claws (spanning 6 3/4" on top and 5" on the borrom set) are actually made of 10 parts.  The wooden part of the handle is polished South American Cocobolo, selected for it's beauty and strength.  The total weight of this Barbarian Battle Axe is well over 12 pounds.

Comes with a solid walnut handcrafted display stand.  This battle axe is a special collectors Signet Series item, and comes with a Signet Series Certificate.

Price:   $9,500.00 US           (Payment can be made via PayPal)

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