Battle Axe - SOLD

Winner of Best Fantasy in 2014 at the Southern California Blade Show in Pasadena, CA.

Price:  $3900.00 US


Totally handcrafted and functional this axe is made with superior 304 stainless steel with a titanium core.  Measurement are 19 1/2" overall with a 5" blade that is 6 inches wide.  The handle parts are made from black Water Buffalo with gold studs.  The fitted case is also handcrafted made of superior black walnut.  This is a Signet Series with the Moeller crest etched on the axe head and comes with a Signet Series Certificate.

Price:   $3,900.00 US           (Payment can be made via PayPal)

To purchase contact Harald Moeller

Phone:   250-248-0391