San Francisco Style Dagger - SD 1507

Award winning San Francisco Dagger with engraved Scabbard.

Price:  $8,500.00  US


P1011767  DSC00287

This new San Francisco Dagger won "Best Art Knife" at the  2015 Oregon Knife Collectors Club show in Eugene, Oregon.

The overall dimension is 11 1/4 inches with a 6 inch blade made from ATS34 stainless steel and features 25 bold buttons inset with Burmese Rubies.  The spine features  2-3 mm Burmese Rubies and four 2mm diamonds.  Mammoth ivory handle material and two Sterling Silver shields.

The scabbard is stainless steel 6 1/2 inches long.

All engraving by Bruce Christensen.

Price:   $8,500.00 US           (Payment can be made via PayPal)

To purchase contact Harald Moeller

Phone:   250-248-0391