Triple Blade Fantasy Dagger - AFSD403

Futuristic triple blade dagger, inspired by the Star Trek Seried,  20,000 year old wooly Mammoth Ivory handle.  A Signet Series collectors item.

Price: $2,990.00  US

afsd403 full side

afsd403 butt topaz   afsd403-handle

With an overall length of 17 1/2", this dagger is very nearly a short sword.  The 11 1/4" main blade as well as the two 3 1/8" daggers, are made from a superior grade of 440-C surgical stainless steel, custom heat treated and double tempered to a Rockwell C hardness of 60.  The quality of the steel is apparent in the deep mirror polish in the perfect double edged grind.   The two additional daggers are sandwich mounted onto the brass guard to form the handle.  The pommel crown in brass adorned with a full 1" jewelery quality faux smoky Topaz mounted into the bezel.  The handle material is a solid and flawless piece of creamy 20,000 year old woolly Mammoth Ivory.  The entire Dagger weighs just over 2 pounds.The Signet Series Crest has been etched on the blade and this Dagger comes with a Signet Series Certificate.

Price:   $2,990.00 US           (Payment can be made via PayPal)

To purchase contact Harald Moeller

Phone:   250-248-0391